Children's Dentistry

Extraction of Deciduous (milk) Teeth
Tooth Fillings
Root Canal Treatment of Deciduous (milk) Teeth
Space Maintainers
Oral Hygiene Maintenance

A growing child’s mouth requires constant care at home and regular check-ups by a dentist and oral hygienist. We offer special expertise for children’s dental care problems from babies onward. Our competence extends from preventive care to advanced corrective dental care, not forgetting treatment for children’s accidents involving the teeth. We also treat developmental disorders of the teeth. In the field of corrective care of milk teeth, we also perform crowning and pulpotomy (root canal therapy for milk teeth) using state-of-the-art techniques.

Examining and treating children requires enthusiasm, familiarity with children, a positive attitude and experience in working with children. Our dentists at Aamir’s Dental Surgery , have several years of clinical experience in children’s dental care.