Oral Surgery

Gum treatment and Gum Surgery
Wisdom Teeth Removal

Oral surgery is a dental speciality that deals with various surgical procedures inside the oral cavity. Most commonly surgeries include extractions which are indicated for:

  • wisdom teeth
  • broken down roots
  • grossly carious teeth
  • retained deciduous teeth for orthodontic purposes

Apicoectomy is efficiently performed at our clinic which is a minor surgical procedure used to cut the tip or apex of the tooth because of the presence of an abscess. The infected tissue is taken out and the apex is sealed.

Gum Disease treatment at Aamir’s Dental Surgery in Lahore

It is vital to treat gum disease as quickly as possible. Not only can the early stages of gingivitis quickly progress to periodontitis, but untreated gum disease worsens other health issues too.

Gum disease treatment plans:

  • ROOT PLANNING-plaque will be removed above & below the gum line.
  • FLAP SURGERY-This is for severe cases of periodontal disease. In this, the gum is lifted to expose tooth and remove tartar. Then the gums are sutured back into place.

If you are experiencing pain & discomfort with gums, please request an appointment today +92 42 37589445 and we will diagnose and treat your problem.

As oral surgeons we can help with planning and subsequent placement of your tooth implants. At Aamir’s dental surgery we specialize to reconstruct bone in areas requiring it for an implant placement.